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Maurizio Beltrami, Innov-Action GmbH
Maurizio Beltrami

Innovation in action

Innovation is the source of competitiveness and growth. However innovation is a complex process which develops in many stages, involves many risks, and most of the times it is not properly managed (the steps of the process are executed in the wrong sequence and without a precise definition of the variables to be controlled).

The good news is that today good and applicable theories do exist, which can bring valuable and tangible benefits to most companies in their innovation process and their quest for growth and profitability.

Quoting Tony Ulwick CEO of Strategyn, "Success in innovation doesn't come from understanding the customer. It comes from a deep understanding of the job the customer is trying to get done."

The main factor that can distinguish a company from its competition is the ability to better satisfy customer needs, therefore the real engine for innovation (and the subsequent growth) is the systematic ability to identify which customer needs are important and not yet satisfied.

Innov-Action is committed to enabling its clients to implement new innovation processes that are effective and mitigate the risks of failure.

Maurizio Beltrami has many years' experience in managing innovation and has successfully delivered several innovation projects in Italy, France and Switzerland.

Partnership with Strategyn

Innov-Action GmbH is the partner of Strategyn in France and Italy. See the global team of Strategyn.